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A. Elastomeric form liners for texturing architectural concrete. B. Form liner accessories of fasteners, sealants, rustication and backup strips, form release agents and sealers as scheduled or required. Related Sections ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete any sections below not relevant to this project; add others as required.

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At Fitzgerald Formliners, we know that the finest architectural concrete begins with the best formliner. For more than 38 years architects, engineers, designers, and contractors have chosen us more often than any other company in the industry. Experience for yourself why professionals continue to choose Fitzgerald Formliners again and again!

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Send your question Call a technical representative Find the nearest distributor LEED v4. Sika® Greenstreak® Form Liner. Sika ® Greenstreak ® Form Liners provide an economical means for adding interest and visual appeal to almost any concrete structure.. Sika ® Greenstreak ® Form Liners are available in three grades to economically cast an architectural finish in concrete structures ...

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Zemdrain® controlled permeability formliner. The primary cause of concrete degradation is the poor quality of the outer 20mm of the surface due to the use of oiled impermeable formwork. The resulting surface has increased porosity and numerous blowholes and reduced durability.

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Type 3 concrete with accelerators create high heat during cure which could damage Rigid Polymer formliners. Rustication strips are recommended at the liner joints that do not blend with the pattern. Although UNICAST formliners do not require a release agent, Sika Form Release 8000 is highly recommended to enhance the appearance of the concrete.

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Jul 16, 2020· The elevator shaft boasts black concrete formliner wall panels with illuminated Wells logo signage. The production facility was designed to be very …

Formliner for Concrete Form Liner for Concrete

Formliner for concrete and form liner solutions for architects, contractors, precasters, DOT, municipalities ... * Causing you to miss your production dates ... deadlines and how delays in producing your formliner requirements can seriously impact your bottom line. Our CNC computer generated formliner will provide a precision and quality you ...

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The production facility was designed to be very versatile in order to meet the demands of Wells’ clients. The inventory of forms has increased and can be moved around to fit the needs of any given project. Many of the new forms are long line with prestressing capability for economy and efficiency.

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“The technology itself is not complicated; what is complicated is the logistics of the handling system”. This statement taken from the initial talk with Aleksandr ­Kovalyov, managing director of the Russian DSK Grad precast plant, suddenly comes to mind again when standing in the factory building for the first time, in front of the active storage facility of the system that automatically ...

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A critical decision to be made affecting the outcome was choosing the right rubber mold material to use for making the production form liners. Slaw determined that 8 formliners used to cast 8 concrete panels everyday, seven days/week would not only meet the deadline, but help them finish the job 1 month ahead of schedule.

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form liner pattern library Built from 20 years of artisanquality experience, our form liner patterns reproduce naturallyoccurring textures and unique designs for architectural concrete. We often use real rock to make rock patterns, for instance, and unique skills to …

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Home / Concrete Stamps / Step Form Liners Step Form Liners. Filter Products Showing all 12 results Sort By None Popularity Average rating Newness Price: low to high Price: high to low. Price Range None …

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Spec Formliners has the largest concrete formliner selection in the universe. Most Spec Formliners patterns of concrete form liners are available in four material choices: singleuse plastic, multiuse plastic, mediumreuse semielastomeric, or highreuse urethane.

formliner, Compañero partner in tread patterns. Safety due ...

The contrasandblast texture in the mat gives the concrete an effective sandblast antislip effect after removal. From an environmental and technical perspective, the use of the GIAN 2 texture mat is preferable to blasting because no particulate matter is released during production and the top layer does not become porous due to sandblasting.

Concrete Form Liners Companies (CFL VS. SPECFORMLINERS)

Creative Form Liners, Inc. (CFL) has been the exclusive fabricator and distributor of FŌTERA® terrazzo products since 1988. Working with artists, designers, and contractors, CFL has created unique, fullcolor designs to their exacting specifications.

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Another consideration with form liners is the clear concrete cover over the reinforcing steel, with an indented pattern. Position the patterns and steel to maintain 2 inches of cover in order to reduce the possibility of rust stains on the wall surface. Form liners should be stripped as …

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Concrete Formliners—Industry Veterans Innovators Our long history in the formliner industry—over 37 years—began with a vision of high quality and innovation, which continues to this day. We are dedicated to researching and developing new materials and production processes to provide our customers with the most innovative solutions possible.

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Custom Rock Formliners, proudly made in the , have a long history of high quality products, exceptional service, and dedication to innovation and design; transforming architectural concrete into art. They are committed to researching and developing new materials and production processes to provide customers with the most innovative ...

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Formliner sample, maximum 24 inches x 24 inches (610 mm x 610 mm) depicting textures and patterns. 2. Sample of release agents available for releasing of formliners from concrete. E. Verification Samples: For each formliner type and pattern specified. 1. Formliner sample, maximum 24 inches x 24 inches (610 mm x 610 mm) depicting texture and ...


6 No. 328 No. 439 No. 330 Sika® Greenstreak® CONCRETE FORM LINERS Concrete Accessories No. 328 U,M 9’10 3/4” x 3’11 1/2” Sheets • Drystack Random Stone

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Spec Formliners, Inc. will be going to the Fall Seminar November 16th18th. We hope to see you there! You can visit us at booth 36 to speak with Carey Cornwell and pick up some literature and information.. As a leading nationwide concrete form liner manufacturer, Spec Formliners has kept busy in 2011 working on projects, like the 9th and 10th Street Bridges in Lebanon, in your backyard.

Yellow Formliner Concrete

The Ezytube Yellow Formliner™ product is a revolutionary new innovation which significantly improves the surface finish of off form finished concrete structures.. The Yellow Formliner™ is simply and easily rolled out over the formwork surface and held in place with staples and adhesive tape. The steel Reinforcing is then placed on top of the liner before the concrete is poured.

Wells Concrete Opens Innovative Office and Manufacturing ...

May 18, 2020· Wells Concrete, one of the top five precast providers in the , has opened a new office and production facility located at 2145 East Crown Prince Boulevard in stateoftheart manufacturing facility will enhance current capability, flexibility, and increase capacity with long line prestressing forms for the Denver market.

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RECKLI PUR barrier paste is a coldsetting, elastic, twocomponent, polyurethanebased plastic to produce tailormade barriers on RECKLI textured formliners. The freshly mixed product becomes a paste when poured and allows the creation of custom elastic barriers for the production of concrete elements using textured formliners and molds.

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Watkinsville, Georgia (Nawkaw Corporation) June 12, 2008 – Nawkaw Corporation has added a new product line for precast, tiltup and GRC concrete. With the addition of a line of elastomer concrete formliners, by Reckli of Germany, a new representative has been hired to represent the Pacific Southwest states in the US.

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US Formliner offers more than 300 concrete formliner patterns, meticulously crafted by Reckli, world renowned for unmatched quality. These 10X and 100X use formliners deliver superior detail and performance. With so many patterns, textures, and custom formliners, the possibilities are endless.

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Credit: Original article published here. Wells combines the economy of architectural precast concrete and the artistry of formliners to shape unique architectural façades. Since concrete’s invention by the ancient Romans, designers have imagined ways to use this material to create architectural masterpieces. Because of concrete’s fluid form, it is easily poured and molded into any shape ...

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Enhance concrete appearance with formliner textures. Formliners create textured concrete, saving time, labor and material by providing structural and architectural functions in a single medium. This accelerates the construction process and minimizes costs.

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US Formliner offers forms for the design and production of artificial stone. As well as standard patterning on concrete slabs, the WetCast system also makes it possible to design with text, pictograms or photos. The Stoneliner acts like a stamp to press textures into concrete, which can then be immediately removed from the form. > Read more

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Find concrete form and edge liners to complete your decorative concrete project! Create outdoor fire pits, fountains, and more with decorative form liners. Lightweight and high quality, our flexible and reusable concrete edge liners from Proline are available in a variety of lifelike natural stone textures.

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Aug 12, 2019· Unknown Facts About Concrete Formliners. It’s generally the material of choice for building and constructions. With kind liners, different concrete textures can be produced for actors in position, precast, and tiltup programs. Sika Formliners connects to all any measuring approach or spreading bed before concrete positioning.

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33 years of experience in the manufacturing of architectural formliner molds and formliners. Positions Held: Machine Operator, Finisher A, Leadperson, Foreperson, QC Inspector, Supervisor. Kim Cook. Administrative Assistant, Customer Service. 20 years of experience with Customer Service in the concrete form liner business.

Application Guide Line for RECKLIFormliners

The formliners can used in temperatures up to + 65° C. Temperatures which exceed this value will damage the material. Should you expect a concrete temperature on the interface to the formliner of more than + 65° C due to the concrete mass or other circumstances the mix design or other suitable actions should be adjusted to allow for the

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